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Press the START button to get your learning program started - simply enter your details and once you are within our system a teacher will contact you as soon as possible to schedule or start your free demonstration. All software used is either 'no download' or easily downloadable and FREE such as the VOIP platform we use. Once you have tried and tested the learning environment, tools and standard of the teacher it is up to you to decide whether our system and approach is right for you. If you choose to continue with any of our courses or programs, the cost of your trial lesson will be refunded to you.

A unique and interactive virtual classroom

We give all of our students and groups a unique virtual classroom which can be accessed by learners both during and outside lesson times. This helps our students develop their skills outside of class time if they so choose, and accessing the virtual classroom to complete homework or review the previous lesson notes and materials is all part of our service.

High quality MP3 recordings of your lessons

As you may have read above, we record all our lessons firstly to ensure the highest teaching standards and most importantly for you to download and listen at your convenience so you can practice problem areas without your teacher. This option helps our learners correct themselves over time, and continuously hear native English, fluent conversation along with their own responses.

Integrated Learning Area

Executive English has developed an easy to use and logical member based area where you can keep in touch with your teacher, access any lesson notes, recordings, view and make secure payments via trusted payment providers such as PayPal and Paymate. From here you can schedule or cancel lessons, make changes to your course structure/program and download your lesson in MP3 format for later use.

Non contracted learning

We don't believe in contracts or other 'traps' which force users to stay using a product or service which does not serve their needs. That is why we offer contract free learning via our pay as you go payment option. All our programs are purchased in blocks of 5 hours, so our students buy only what they know they will use. Then when you have to buy more classes, just visit our payment centre and purchase more - it is that easy.

Exciting, FREE course materials

We don't expect our clients and learners to pay more money on top of their lessons for the materials which our teachers use to conduct our classes. Instead, we create relevant topic based learning materials focusing on conversation- tapping the passion of discussion and debate. Our FREE materials are designed to generate interesting, inspiring and fluency building discussions while working on key grammar and comprehension skills when required.