Bringing together the right people with the right technology and connecting them with our creative learning techniques for clients is our idea of intelligent design.
We believe that the whole world should have access to native English speaking teachers, not only at locations and times which are convenient but also @ prices which are affordable.


Assisting global communication through efficient use of technology-
This is our mission. We want to continue to help people to learn English online by providing professional native English speaking teachers who will conduct real-time, creative and structured live English classes - focusing on fluency and confidence in communication - in an online virtual environment. Our promise to those who learn English online with us is: "To create successful, confident and fluent communicators of the English language."


Getting the right people together and connecting them with our clients and students is what we do best. Not only are our teachers native English speakers, but they have a variety of skills and secondary training in both specialist and business fields. This is how we can provide fully certified language teachers on demand - all of whom are expert conversationalists and understand a multitude of key areas often demanded by our diverse student body. We pride ourselves on these facts, but most importantly we recognize that with highest quality educators comes the highest quality training and learning opportunities for our clients and students. Feel free to ask about the credentials of our teachers when you join them in our demonstration lesson, they will be more than happy to pass on details about the excellent training they have received to be the web's best teachers.


With a huge jump in internet based technologies over recent years, our service has become increasingly popular. First because it clearly offers an amazing opportunity to connect live with native speakers in countries where access to these types of teachers has been limited or too expensive. Second, we can offer our highly qualified teachers to our clients at the time which best suit them at convenient locations such as homes or offices. We realize that these developments in technology have made our service increasingly valuable, as internet speeds increase and virtual worlds allow for real time communication and online interactivity via various forms of live media (audio and video to name just a couple). As a result we use the latest virtual classroom technologies in conjunction with crystal clear VOIP, making the learning part of things easy and complication free.
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